Redeeming credit for banned banking, online and easy? | Loan consolidation


While practices to improve the comfort of life, consumer credit and other real estate loans cost money. It is these monthly payments that tend to accumulate and that low-income households can no longer repay. Individuals are therefore in a situation of over-indebtedness and are stuck at the Banque de France. The only way out is to subscribe to a repurchase of credit for prohibited banking.

What credit redemption solutions for banking prohibitions?

What credit redemption solutions for banking prohibitions?

Whether you are FCC or FICP listed, the ban is effective and this confirms the fact that you are currently unable to honor your commitments to lending institutions. But it is especially in such situations that the loans are a great help to have new liquidity, and if you address the traditional banks, they are obliged to check your solvency by consulting the files of the Bank of France and will not be able to give you a favorable answer.

This is also why banks for loans for banned banking have been set up and this is the case of Bank Losfole, the Casa Feancia, the Red Cross and of CAF. These specialized organizations help households in financial difficulty by offering them credit redemption solutions, the concept of merging all your outstanding credits to obtain a single monthly repayment. This therefore concerns mortgages, personal loans and consumer loans.

This credit consolidation is also used to reduce the cost of this monthly payment and lengthen the repayment period, which allows the household to improve its purchasing power while facilitating the management of current expenses.

The repurchase of credit owner

For people who are Banque de France owners of real estate, the purchase of credit is established as mortgage financing. Thus, this mortgage purchase is used to collect all outstanding credits for a single loan, and this, with a reduced monthly payment.

As soon as all the stages of the credit redemption have been made, the persons concerned will be deleted from the Banque de France files.

The purchase of credit from a specialized organization

To lift the banking ban, the people concerned can appeal to organizations helping people in debt distress ( debt distress commission of the Bank of France). The institution is responsible for repurchasing all loans contracted and paying unpaid checks, in exchange for new repayment terms, including a reduced monthly payment and a loan to be honored in a longer period.

Debt restructuring has become possible with the repurchase of credit that allows households to rebalance their budget and regain their purchasing power.

The limits of the repurchase of credit for prohibited banking

The limits of the repurchase of credit for prohibited banking

As for all credit consolidation solutions, the one adapted to banking prohibitions has its limits and is not easy. In fact, it is essentially a question of partial loan redemptions, that is to say that the amount of funds released is still limited, and you must review the amount to be borrowed.

It will also build a reliable file and negotiate with specialized institutions to obtain advantageous terms. If you are not an ace of the negotiation, do not hesitate to call brokers specialized in the presentation of the files at risk. Most importantly, the redemption of credit for bank bans is often considered as a last resort solution and interest rates are higher to limit the risks incurred by the bank that has agreed to consolidate loans.

For FCC filers, the terms are more stringent and the request for credit redemption is systematically rejected by banks. As for the repurchase of mortgage credit, the property serves as collateral, and if you can not repay the loan, it becomes the property of the lending bank and will be put up for sale to the highest bidder to cover your remaining debts.

The steps necessary for a repurchase of credit for prohibited banking

The steps necessary for a repurchase of credit for prohibited banking

To put an end to the over-indebtedness, bank bans are often ready for anything and often fall into the traps of misleading offers considered as real scams. Hence the importance of always taking the time to compare credit buy offers, even if to make simulations online.

And when you have managed to find an interesting and reliable proposal, you will need to create a file containing information about your marital status, credits and sources of income, not forgetting supporting documents such as the last three payslips and statements of loan repayments.

After analysis of the file, if the organization agrees to grant you the redemption of credit, you will be informed before all procedures are started for the repayment of the banks concerned. Finally, be aware that the repurchase of credit for banking prohibits has a variable ceiling according to the establishments, and it is the same for the rate of interest and the duration of repayment.