Loan consolidation: Consolidate credits and oxygenate your budget

Several loans? Consolidate credits and Decrease your monthly repayments

Consolidating credits or grouping loans is a good solution to lower the total amount of monthly payments on outstanding credits (personal loan – credit card), and thus to increase one’s living income. The process is simple, but still requires calculating the amount to be restructured and the target APR. With Fine Bank you are sure to get a good deal.

What is credit consolidation?

Also called repurchase of credit, the regrouping of credits is an action which consists in gathering all its credits in only one in order to facilitate the management of it, concretely this operation is supported by a bank or credit company with equity capital then these are responsible for analyzing your debt ratio and making a new operation to reduce your charges by settling the outstanding amounts of all your credits with your financial organizations. You will then be subject to a lighter monthly payment which will allow you to pay this credit until the end of the contract. It is therefore advice and a way of effectively combating over-indebtedness.

As explained before, credit consolidation could allow individuals and households with financial difficulties with several loans they have contracted, to alleviate a difficult situation, to regain their purchasing power in the medium or long term and to find a balanced budget.

Take stock of your debt

Take stock of your debt

Calculate the amount of your monthly payments

On your last account statement, add up all the payments relating to
loan repayments.

Note: also take into account the monthly payments paid from another account in

Calculate the remaining amount due

  1. Take the amortization tables corresponding to each loan.
  2. Refer to the last monthly payment paid, and consult the number entered in the column “principal remaining due”.
  3. Add the remaining capital due from each loan, the result is the sum of what we still have to repay

A representative example of credit consolidation:

Representative example: Nature of the loan -> repurchase of loans : Duration of the loan: 84 months, APR: 9.99%, Fixed borrowing rate: 9.99%, Amount of monthly payments: 327.49 dollars, Total amount of the loan: 20,000 dollars, Total amount due: 27,509.16 dollars.
(Minimum amount $ 2,500 – maximum $ 75,000 over a period of minimum 24 months to maximum 84 months (96 months, 108 months and 120 months if owner)